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Предотвращение аварий зданий и сооружений

Автор: Коллектив авторов под редакцией
Предприятие: Группа организаций
Дата публикации: 2014-07-21

Edited by
K.I. Eremin, V.D. Raizer, V.I. Telichenko




Adamenko I.A., Aleksandrov S.V., Alekseeva E.L., Babayan I.S., Banach A.V., Banach V.A., Bayburin A. KH., Belykh YU.V., Budko V.B., Eremin K.I., Grunin I.Y., Guriev A.A., Iriskulov A.R., Kalinin N.N., Kozachek V.G., Kulyabko V.V., Matveyushkin S.A., Merkulov A.F., Morozov P.A., Nikonov T.A., Pavlova G.A., Raizer V. D., Roitman V.M., Samolinov N.A., Senin N.I., Shuvalov A.N., Sushchev S.P., Sventikov A.A., Telichenko V.I., Usatova T.A.




Assessing the safety of an existing structure may however differ very much that for a structure at the design stage. The existing buildings and structures are subject to deterioration and damage, they are likely to be periodically inspected and repaired or strengthened if necessary. Consequently, regarding the state of information the situation in assessing the existing buildings and structures is completely different from that during design. Moreover, special attention had to be paid to specific parts of the existing buildings, especially to those that are at high risk of damage according to observations of the building in service. On the other hand, the interpretation and analysis of additional information may not be simple. The assessment of actual safety of the existing buildings and structures will includes some actions discussed in this book.


This book contains the papers written by the specialists from research organizations, universities and regulatory agencies including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The authors were focused on applying the necessary in-situ data, experimental data and some necessary analytical rigor to the engineering context. In the book presented new development as well as state-of the art applications of safety principles to all kind of buildings-residential, public, industrial. Moreover-in view of the growing concern for product liability – safety, reliability performance and quality assurance aspects of major structural schemes of buildings are covered.


There are two ways to evaluate the safety of existing buildings: the theoretical approach and the empirical approach. The theoretical approach uses a rigorous mathematical theory generally known as reliability theory. However, the theory cannot be truly effective because the failure mechanism of most buildings is too complex from the theory to model, and the method requires supporting sta-tistical data which often do not exist. The empirical approach, on the other hand, provides failure estimates based on empirical data. There are average estimates, applicable to large groups of near identical buildings. The empirical method cannot take into consid-eration specific features of a building which may distinguish the building from others of its class.


In this book, an approach to structural safety which may serve as a bridge between the theoretical and empirical approaches is exploded.


Results of the presented researches will definitely affect the future design practice.